Day: October 29, 2015

How a Woman Could Sleepwalk for Nine MilesHow a Woman Could Sleepwalk for Nine Miles

A Colorado woman told police she has no memory how she got nine miles from her Denver, Colo., home, even though she was found in her pajamas and with no shoes.

Taylor Gammel, 19, was missing for hours on Tuesday morning before she was found or rather “woke up” nine miles from her home, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

“She came out of a sleepwalking state and she was on the side of the road and recognized where she was,” Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Mark Techmeyer told ABC News.

Gammel was reported missing by her parents around 6 a.m. Tuesday, though she hadn’t been seen since 10 p.m. the night before when she went to bed.

Techmeyer said Gammel was wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt and socks when she was found. Techmeyer said there’s a chance that Gammel might have been able to take a bus part of the way, but without an ID, wallet or money, he doubts that was possible.

Dr. Shlini Paruthi, a board-certified sleep specialist and associate professor of pediatrics and internal medicine at St. Louis University, said Gammel’s nine-mile walk is not unheard of.

“It’s a subconscious state and for the most part [sleepwalkers] do look awake…they have their eyes open and they have a glassy look to their eyes,” explained Paruthi. “They can do simple behaviors and walk down steps. They can do routine behaviors…kids will urinate in the wrong place or they wake up in the wrong place.”

Paruthi said some people will even sleep eat or sleep drive without ever waking.

“This is something that can be so scary for the person when they find out what happened,” Paruthi said.

Paruthi said sleepwalking is most common in young children but that it can happen to people at any age. Paruthi said loud noises, sleep apnea or heartburn can cause a teen or adult to start sleepwalking.

Paruthi said it’s key for a patient with sleepwalking problems to take safety steps such as installing door or window alarms, so that either the sleepwalker or their family will be alerted if they try to make a break for it. She also said it’s important for the family to lock up anything dangerous such as knives, guns or even car keys if a family member is sleepwalking around the house.

As for the urban legend that you should never wake a sleepwalker, Paruthi said it’s usually safe to wake up a sleepwalker as long as it’s gently. She did, however, emphasize that a sleepwalker can occasionally be violent upon waking.

“I think the most important thing is certainly realizing that there are safety measures that all family members can take,” said Paruthi.

Source:- abcnews


Man Creates Homemade Video Game to Propose to GirlfriendMan Creates Homemade Video Game to Propose to Girlfriend

One video game enthusiast took his relationship to the next level with a video game proposal that is now going viral.

Austin Piech of Covington, Ky., proposed to his girlfriend Lauren Woodrick in May through a custom-made video game, and he got the whole thing on camera.

Piech’s original plan was to hire a mariachi band, which has a special meaning to Piech.

“My grandfather, Rodolfo Chapa, had proposed to my grandmother, Lydia Chapa (Muñoz), by having a group of mariachis sing the song ‘Nosotros’ to her,” Piech told media.

“When I couldn’t find any mariachis, I decided to build something I knew [Lauren] would find special,” Piech added.

Piech spent weeks creating the Mario inspired video game and told media that his video game project wasn’t suspicious at all to Woodrick.

“When I told her I was building a homebrew game, she didn’t question it,” said Piech.

Piech even filmed Woodrick for the game, explaining that he was filming her as a test subject for his market research.

The day of the proposal, Piech asked Woodrick to test out the video game, and Woodrick happily agreed.

To Woodrick’s surprise, the video game was actually a virtual tour of the couple’s real-life journey together, and Lolo (Woodrick’s nickname) was the game’s protagonist.

The levels in the video game represented significant memories and milestones that the couple had shared together, including levels that portrayed the couple’s first date, the first time Woodrick met Piech’s family, and the first time the couple traveled together.

In the video Piech panned the camera from Woodrick playing the video game to the ring box, which was secretly tucked away right behind the laptop.

The screen before the final level read, “If you couldn’t tell by this game, I’m a mediocre programmer, and a horrible artist, but I’d love to be your player 2.”

Woodrick’s avatar then passed by a virtual mariachi band that was playing the “Nosotros” tune that Piech wanted to incorporate in his original proposal plan.

Lolo came face-to-face with Piech’s video-game avatar at the very end of the game. As the screen faded to black, a text appeared which read, “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!”

Piech took out the hidden ring and proposed to Woodrick, who immediately said “Yes!” through tears and excited laughter.

“My eyes had gotten mistier as I progressed through the game and revisited the wonderful memories we had together, but I properly cracked once I had made it to the end where Pixel Austin was waiting and I then knew exactly what was coming,” said Woodrick.

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